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„The hottest spot of Sweden“ – Målilla is a village in the middle of Småland, where the highest temperatures of Sweden have been measured. Målilla belongs to the Hultsfred commune, which is known as the city of musik. It is surrounded by fairylike forests and about 400 lakes. Here, in the middle of Målillas blueberry forests, you can find our guest house Villa Karllösa.

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Småland is a region in the south of Sweden. It has a large diversity of nature, relaxing possibilities and different options to spend your free time . These qualities will make your vacation to a special trip for everyone of your family. Here you will find many alternatives for your everyday life.

We have many bathing areas, which are very well equipped. They have changing rooms, toilets, diving platform, barbeque places, different play and sport possibilities. Some lakes have their own sandy beaches. Our lakes and rivers are a vision in white for each fisher-man. 400 lakes in our commune want to be discovered. Places for fishing are allowed to be used by everyone (some of them are equitable for handicapped persons). You can rent boats or enjoy your night in a small wodden house (i.e. to have a barbeque). In our unsoiled lakes you can find pickerels, perches, trouts and many other fishes.

Sweden is a beloved land for each motorbiker and enduro driver. In Sweden you will find many well reconstructed, calm roads, gorgeous landscapes and many interesting excursion places. You will even find a great cultural offer for motorbikers, because of the fact that Sweden by itself has many motorbikers, who are very interested in their own hobbies. That is the reason why speedway, motocross and motorbikemeetings are arranged in Målilla regulary.

Småland's landscape and many small villages, which remind of Pippi Longstocking and Emil, are a great adventure for everyone to visit. 

Definitly it is a pleasure to make a nice trip into Sweden's forests which lay directly next to our house. In the summer and at the beginning of autumn you can find a large diversity of mushrooms and berries, i.e. huckelberries and lingonberries.